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Fine Art NFTs:
From Museum to Market

This panel discussion delves into the hot questions now within and outside the art world - how can we view NFTs (or non fungible tokens) within the traditional art world? What could it mean to talk about "fine art NFTs"?

Hear a fantastic panel of renowned industry leaders share their views in a session that is sure to spark interesting debate:

Stephen McCoubrey, who has held influential roles in managing and growing the art collection of UBS, including curating its 15 public exhibitions from the collection across Europe and Asia. He now works as an art advisor and consultant supporting a number of private collectors, art fairs, and companies.

Alex Estorick, who is currently Editor-in-Chief at Right Click Save, and frequently writes and contributes as an industry leading expert at the intersection of art and technology, with a keen interest in NFTs.

The panel is moderated by Observing the Human's co-curator,


Sasha Gibb, who has 25+ years experience in the art world, leading, curating, and supporting the commercial and not-for-profit art sector. She shares a particular interest in art and technology and also serves as Curator and Consultant for artist collective Noonssup that is co-organising the exhbition together with art collector platform Artscapy.

Exhibition Talk with the Artists

This Exhibition Talk brings together an intimate discussion between the five wonderfully talented artists on show at Observing the Human. Hear from Bongsu Park, Ga Ram Kim, Daniel Schine Lee, Sejin Kim, and Gihun Noh about their artistic practice and the new works they have brought to this show. The talk is moderated by the show's co-curator, Sasha Gibb, and will take you on a journey into what really observing human nature might mean...

After the Talk we will be offering refreshments and you will have an opportunity to speak to the artists present and other art lovers in the room.


Ga Ram KIM

Intro Video:


Sejin KIM

Intro Video:


Daniel Schine Lee


Gihun Noh


Bongsu Park


Collecting Today:
The Art Collecting Experience

Join us this Wednesday evening for an evening all about art collecting!

What drives people to start collecting art? How has art collecting changed, especially in light of an increasing accessibility to art online and tools to explore new art and artists across the internet and social media? What does that mean for the 'traditional' forums of art discovery and trade such as art fairs?

These are some of the questions our panel of three collectors will dive into.

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