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Digital Art Subscription

Use art to stimulate & inspire

Encourage mindfulness and enhance creativity through exposure to the unusual and surprising

Create a unique environment

Stand out with dynamic moving image art

Showcase new visionaries

Associate your brand with the cutting edge in fine art and new artistic expressions
Eleva example 01.png

Dream Wave © Bongsu Park


Noonssup provides a unique way of transforming your workplace into a dynamic, engaging and inspiring environment. Through our bespoke subscription service, companies benefit from  showcasing the finest curated digital art. Digital fine art stimulates and inspires both workforce and clients and positions companies in the contemporary cultural conversation.

Our aim is to offer the latest in cutting edge artwork from around the world. Our subscription service allows for monthly changing of displays in receptions, corridors and conference rooms. The flexibility of our service allows companies to create a perpetually evolving space, showcasing some of the finest and most up to date work in the digital art world. Whatever the aim, the work can be tailored to suit.

How it works

Select from our curated artwork collections
Get curated artworks from renowned artists to complete your vision

Limited offer  $99/month/display  minimum of 6 months
Enjoy Museum Quality Digital Art with only $99 per month

• Artwork from the Noonssup collection for standard display (HD, 16:9)
• Ability to change the artwork once per month without extra charge
• Curation advice and technical support

Displays support

  • Do you need display screens? We will make everything easy for you
  • Book a consultation for recommended displays and get advice on price, screen size, model etc

Purchase & Commissions

  • Do you want to commission artwork?
  • Do you want to purchase the work rather than rent?
  • Book a consultation for curation advice
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