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Overflowing by Thomas Lisle

Overflowing by Thomas Lisle


Overflowing by Thomas Lisle

Single Channel HD Video, 01'18" Loop, 2023

These works demonstrate the visual poetry of painting and paint in motion, and the abundance of possability inherent in human creativity.

Paint is amazing stuff for expressing a wide range of human feelings and thoughts. From cavemen to the present day it's use has changed and evolved, yet the medium hasn't. I’m interested in how virtual paint and painting can be time-based and programmed to achieve new possibilites of artistic expression.


The Masters series presents an extraordinary collection of digital fine art by renowned artists. Curated by Noonssup, this series embodies the pinnacle of artistic excellence and creative mastery. Each artwork in the Masters series is a testament to the artist's unique vision, exceptional skill, and profound artistic expression.



Thomas Lisle

Thomas Lisle is a British artist based in London. He works in digital 3D animation, painting, digital images and installations. His work references, psychology, science fiction and the environment through the medium of digital 3D paint/sculptures. Lisle studied at Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds, then at the University of Reading (Fine Art Department). He has artworks in the collections of Tate Modern and Museum of Modern Art in New York. His recent animations have featured in festivals including Matadac Spain, Pixel Fest Moscow, Lumen Prize touring exhibition, Leeds City Hall, The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival NY, SFE.TV Art cable station in Germany, and FILE Brazil.

  • * All-Inclusive

    The price includes free delivery and tax to most European mainland regions.

    Each piece, a limited edition of 100, includes a blockchain certificate.


    The artwork is pre-loaded in a 27-inch frame crafted from premium hardwood. Simply display it in your desired location and power it on.


    You can choose between the richness of wood texture in Walnut or the sophistication of Black for the frame color.


    The frame comes with a standard 1 year warranty, and there's an option to extend it up to 5 years warranty with a €200 additional charge.

Frame Colour
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