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Moon and Light (Duo set) by Gihun Noh

Moon and Light (Duo set) by Gihun Noh

A "Duo set" includes two digital frames, each containing a unique artwork.



Moon and Light (Duo set) by Gihun Noh 

Pigment print digital image, 2018


<Moon and Light> are the pictures taken while walking from Yokohama to Tokyo. I opened a 19th-century map that I purchased from an ancient book store in Tokyo's Jinbocho(神保町)and set the geographical axis from Sakuragichō Station(桜木町駅) in Yokohama, Japan's first railway line, to Shimbashi Station(新橋駅) in Tokyo. The time background was a journey to take a picture while walking to Tokyo after getting off the last train at Sakuragi Station and to get back to Sakuragi Station by the first train.


The Masters series presents an extraordinary collection of digital fine art by renowned artists. Curated by Noonssup, this series embodies the pinnacle of artistic excellence and creative mastery. Each artwork in the Masters series is a testament to the artist's unique vision, exceptional skill, and profound artistic expression.




Gihun Noh 

Gihun Noh was born in Gumi in 1985. Now, he lives and works in Seoul, Korea. He showed photography, performance, installation and image based on the observation of the documentary things that exist mainly here and now. His way of working which is making his own unique reality as if in the self-contradiction is the way to be lived the past by a vulnerable Korean young man who is living in Korea where experienced many changes for a short period of time. Gihun Noh is interested in the geographical environment resulted from the past, and takes a picture of its present appearance. From the premise that "The current situation stems from the past", He takes a picture of the shadows of the past surrounding the present.


  • * All-Inclusive

    The price includes free delivery and tax to most European mainland regions.

    Each duo set consists of two digital canvases, each piece, a limited edition of 100, includes a blockchain certificate.


    The artworks are pre-loaded in 27-inch frames crafted from premium hardwood. Simply display it in your desired location and power it on.

    You can choose between the richness of wood texture in Walnut or the sophistication of Black for the frame color.


    The frame comes with a standard 1 year warranty, and there's an option to extend it up to 5 years warranty with a €400 additional charge.

€3,798.00 Regular Price
€3,399.00Sale Price
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