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NOONSSUP is a platform founded by ARTISTS that support ARTISTS

NOONSSUP is an Artist-First Platform because by prioritizing the artists we know that good artwork follows. NOONSSUP builds a world where artists can create artworks with complete freedom. Our principle objective is to generate stable revenue streams. Artists will be immersed in their practice whilst we at NOONSSUP will introduce clients. Allowing the artist to focus on their practice is a key objective for us.


Anyone who loves digital art, whether you're an art collector or a subscriber/client, will be able to appreciate it through our service. Not as a privilege granted to a limited group of collectors, but to the ever growing audience of people who appreciate the latest in cutting-edge digital art. Our business model is designed to help our artists expand their creative activities and enables a virtuous cycle throughout the market.

NOONSSUP plans exhibitions, events, and platform businesses with professional marketing and display systems. Through our unique artist-focused platform we will become the leading platform for digital artwork throughout the world.

We are creating a collaborative artworld ecosystem


Noonssup Subscription

For the Digital Art Subscription service, up to 50% of the profit goes to the artist

Purchase & Commissions

When a customer wants to purchase the work rather than rent, up to 80% of each sale goes to the artist

Artist Application

  • Please submit up to three video work using a link (eg. youtube, vimeo)

  • Each work must be a video / animation, up to 5 minutes in length.

  • Recommended Format

    • Apple ProRES or Mpeg H.264/H.265 (HEVC), 30fps or 60fps.

    • Resolution: HD (1980p W X 1080p H), 16:9 horizontal (landscape) orientation.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the link is open/accessible.

Upload CV
Upload Portfolio

Thanks for submitting!

We will notify you if your works have been selected. 

Please contact for assistance.

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